About Me

To me, there's no greater joy than working with a client to speak to an audience. Capturing someone's voice, brand, character, or idea is what I do every day as a freelance book editor and writer. Above all, I work hard to produce results and make the book editing or content writing process easy and worthwhile. 

In each editing and writing project, I use words to tell a story in compelling, innovative ways. I work with you, listen to your ideas, and make sure to deliver quality projects every time. Whether it's writing an SEO blog post, a fitness or health article, an ebook, social media posts, book blurbs, blog posts, or editing help, I dedicate my all.

My clients include Black & White PublishingFleet Feet Journal, Ink Road Books, Prime Women Magazine, PowerKids Press, Superior Switchel Company, and bestselling author Daniela Sacerdoti.


I fully believe collaboration is the key to success. We need each other to get through life, including in our businesses, communities, and dreams. Think you'd like to work together? Reach out!

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